DJH Youth Hostel Halle

Ideally Situated

You`ll find our new youth hostel close to the opera house and the city center. In just minutes, you can reach the main pedestrian zone with its cafes and shops, as well as the marketplace and the main tourist sights.

  • Marketplace: 700 m
  • Tram stop at "Am Steintor": 200 m
    - Tram-lines: 1, 2, 5, 10, 12
    - Bus-lines: 300, 301, 302, 303
  • nearest train station: Halle Hauptbahnhof (central station) with a tram and bus depot: 1.5 km
  • nearest airport Halle/Leipzig: 28 km

Within easy access

Tour Halloren Chocolate Museum
Handel House
Giebichenstein Castle
  • Halloren Chocolate Museum
  • Saline (Salt) Museum
  • Handel House with Musical Instrument collection
  • Beatles Museum, the biggest one
  • State Historical Museum with the famous "Nebra sky disk" exhibition
  • Franckesche Stiftungen (former orphanage with various museums and social, cultural, and educational institutions)
  • Halle Zoo
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Halle Ice Rink
  • Giebichenstein Castle
  • Moritzburg, Cathedral, Marien Church
  • City Gardens: Botanic Gardens, Amtsgarten, Reichardts Garden
  • Peißnitz Island with Planetarium and Sporting Facilities
  • numerous other cultural offerings (theater, concerts) 

In the Greater Area

water park Maya Mare

amusement park Belantis

  • Nature Reserve on the "Rabeninsel" (ca. 6 km)
  • "Maya Mare" water park (ca. 8 km)
  • Natural Pool at the Angersdorfer ponds (ca. 9 km)
  • "Talkessel"- Outdoor Motocross Park at Teutschenthal (ca. 19 km)
  • Wildlife Management Area at the Dölauer Heath (ca. 9 km)
  • "Magical" Merseburg with cathedral and castle gardens (18 km)
  • Historical health resorts at Bad Lauchstädt (ca. 19 km)
  • "Belantis" amusement park, outside of Leipzig (ca. 66 km)
  • Bike paths

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